Our Company, which launched in 2007, uses innovative technologies to efficiently serve 100’s of clients per month. We have partnered with 135+ cardholders to give our clients access to one of the largest AU inventories in the market. Our goal is to be the #1 company in this space!!

AU’s 4 Less is a Lyfe company

The quickest most efficient pathway to establish financial security, financial independence and ultimately financial freedom.

Our system, products, and services focuses on five keys areas, that when combined drastically increases your chances for financial success. These areas are:

  • Credit restoration
  • Business ownership
  • Debt reduction
  • Personal and business funding
  • A LYFE Plan to make it all work together!!
Lyfe is owned and operated by The Affiliation Group

TAG was founded in 1992, by Ronald, Senghor, and Malcolm Pope. TAG is a national multi media conglomerate, that owns 9 companies, which spans multiple industries. Our range of experience ranges from real estate investing to retail stores.

Our mission is to Bring Life’s Essential Products & Services to the Market Place.

Our Great Story

We Can Assist You With More Than Just Tradelines!!

Did you know that people who regularly check their health have significantly better health than those who don’t? Did you also know that the same is true for your financial health? Few people do, and even fewer know where to go to check the vitality of their financial Health! Until NOW! Welcome to the LYFE APP a one-stop source for all things financial.

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Our team of licensed funding advisers, attorneys, business coaches and other professionals are standing by to assess your financial health!

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